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  Ansys Fluent is the world's leading fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation software, consistently ranked No. 1 in market share and usage, easy-to-use, powerful 

and complete for both novice simulation and industry experts.

Operating environment

      Fluent software can be run stand-alone or in Ansys Workbench, an integrated CAE simulation environment, for easy model and data transfer, co-optimiz

-ation and fluid-structure interaction simulations with other Ansys CAE software.


      Pressure-based solutions (discrete and continuous), density-based solutions (explicit equations, implicit equations) and other solving methods are suitable 

for solving Mach number problems in various ranges.

Radiant heat conduction

      Fluent has a variety of thermal radiation models, including Discrete Ordinates, Pl and Rossland, DTRM and Discrete ray tracing module, etc., which can account

for specular reflection, penetrating refraction, anisotropic scattering, and wavelength-dependent material properties.

Combustion and chemical reactions

      A variety of chemical reaction models are included, including EDM models, EDC models, PDF models, finite rate chemistry models, and surface reaction mo

-dels, and some combustion models can be used in conjunction with large eddy simulation (DES) and separation eddy (DES) turbulence models.

Multiphase flow model

       A variety of multiphase flow models are available, which can be applied to multiphase flow simulations with compressibility and more than three phases. 

The VOF model (Volume of Fluid) is used to simulate free-surface flow problems such as ocean waves.

Dynamic regions and moving meshes

      It provides a variety of mesh reconstruction schemes and moving deformation modes, including moving mesh models, slip mesh and multi-reference coor

-dinate system models, etc., which are robust to complex shape changes.

Acoustics & Noise Models

       There are a variety of methods to calculate noise simulation problems caused by the flow effect of thousand fluids. This includes noise sources caused by 

pressure pulsation, propagation on a wide range of noise source surfaces, from non-streamlined entities to rotating fan blades.

Add-on modules

      It provides modules such as proton exchange membrane (PEM) into solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC), ferrofluid (MHD), and continuous fiber drawing.

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