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        LS-DYNA is the world's most well-known general-purpose nonlinear finite element software capable of simulating complex real-world problems. It is suitable for studying physical phenomena involving large deformations, complex material models and contacts in a variety of 2D and 3D nonlinear structural dynamics problems. LS-DYNA can switch between explicit analysis and implicit analysis with different time steps. Different disciplines such as thermal coupling analysis, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), fluid-structure interaction, smooth particle fluid dynamics (SPH), meshless Galerkin (EFG), particle method (CPM), boundary element method (BEM), etc., can be combined with structural dynamics for analysis. ANSYS/LST (Livermore Software Technology) aims to provide users with a seamless way to solve problems such as "multi-physics" and "multi-scale" through "multi-process", "multi-stage", and LS-DYNA.


Vehicle safety simulation applications

       LS-DYNA software has a wide range of applications in the field of crashworthiness of automotive structures. It plays an important role in the structural optimization of automobiles. For example: 100% FRB frontal collision, 40% ODB offset collision, AEMDB side collision, 50% overlapping MPDB, 25% offset collision, pedestrian protection Adult Head/Child Head, pedestrian protection Upper Leg/Low leg, rear collision analysis, front and rear bumper low-speed collision analysis, etc.;



Automotive restraint system simulation applications

      LS-DYNA software has a wide range of applications in the field of automotive restraint system development. It has an important role in the matching and optimization of the restraint system of the whole vehicle. Supports a variety of airbag simulation methods – CV method, CPM particle method, and ALE method. For example, simulation optimization of airbag DAB, PAB, SAB, CAB, etc., as well as matching optimization of airbags, seat belts, seats and steering columns.


Rail Transit Applications

  Rail transit vehicles include high-speed rail, bullet trains, urban railways, etc., and different models have different requirements for collision energy management.It mainly involves:

            Single-vehicle collision analysis; 

            Collision analysis of marshalling trains; 

            Collision analysis of deformable obstacles; 

            Offset collision analysis.


Car seat applications 

     LS-DYNA software has a wide range of applications in the field of automotive seating. For example: Wiplash whipping analysis, seat belt mounting fixing point strength analysis, ISOFIX strength analysis, trunk impact analysis, seat headrest strength analysis, etc.;



Electrical and electronic applications

      In the field of electronic appliances, LS-DYNA software is mainly used in drop and impact application scenarios. Drop and impact analysis of mobile phones, computers, washing machines, refrigerators, TVs, air conditioners and other household appliances plays a very important role in the optimization of the structure.

Reduce the risk of product failure in the process of production, transportation and use, help customers meet design requirements and reduce costs.




Defense and military applications

   The field of national defense and military industry is mainly based on explosion, impact, and penetration application scenarios. LS-DYNA supports a variety of explosion simulation methods (LBE, PBM, ALE, SPH) and material constitutive, which is suitable for explosion and material failure simulation in different scenarios.


Aerospace applications

   In the aerospace field, fluid-structure interaction technologies (ICFD, ALE, SPH) are mainly used in ls_dyna; For example: bird strike radome analysis, bird strike blade analysis, oil sloshing analysis, airdrop trajectory analysis, parachute analysis, etc.


Civil engineering and construction applications

 LS-DYNA has abundant geotechnical materials and mature reinforced concrete coupling methods; Collision, fluid-structure interaction applications.



Marine industry applications


Collision and fluid-structure interaction applications, e.g. ship capsizing analysis, wave slapping analysis, underwater explosion analysis, ship collision analysis, etc.



Lithium battery abuse simulation application


LS-DYNA software has a wide range of applications in the field of battery packs. For example: battery pack extrusion analysis, mechanical shock, battery pack collision, battery pack simulation road interference, battery pack acupuncture analysis, etc.




Medical applications


     LS-DYNA software has a wide range of applications in the medical field. For example: cardiac catheterization balloon dilation, sports injury, cardiac simulation, cardiac

 stent working state stress analysis, etc.

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