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    Ansys Lumerical's comprehensive suite of photonics simulation and analysis tools provides device-level and system-level simulation capabilities

 to help users optimize the performance of their designs, reduce the cost of physical prototyping and reduce time to market.      The process calib

-rates compact models that enable designers to solve complex design problems using a robust design flow.

    Features such as the Ansys Lush family of products, solvers and interoperability work seamlessly together to help designers model the most 

challenging problems in photonics, including optical, electronic and thermal effects. Flexible interoperability between software suites supports a 

variety of workflows, combining multiphysics device and optoelectronic system-level simulation with third-party design automation tools. Interop

-erability further provides Python-based automation support through the Automation API, as well as a compact model library for the industry's 

optical foundries.

    Its device-level tools use multiphysics simulation capabilities and workflows to model optical, electrical, and thermal effects at the physical level. 

In addition, system-level tools are available to simulate and optimize the performance of photonic integrated circuits, resulting in a compact model


  AnsysLumerical  Main products::


  Ansys Lumerical CHARGE


  Ansys Lumerical FDTD


  Ansys Lumerical INTERCONNECT


  Ansys Lumerical MODE


  Ansys Lumerical CMLC


  Ansys Lumerical HEAT


  Ansys Lumerical MQW


  Ansys Lumerical STACK

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