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Vehicle crash safety

Crashworthiness analysis of automobile structure, simulation analysis of occupant restraint system, benchmarking analysis of crash test, pedestrian protection analysis, simulation analysis and structural optimization of automobile seats, collision analysi


Stiffness and strength

Body-in-white, four-door and two-cover strength and stiffness analysis, seat stiffness strength analysis, suspension system static strength analysis, engine parts stiffness strength analysis, automobile interior and exterior stiffness strength analysis, s


Fatigue and durability

Fatigue analysis of engine parts, durability analysis of suspension system, fatigue analysis of body-in-white, and life prediction of spot welding


Sheet metal stamping and forming analysis

Sheet stamping simulation can simulate the whole process of sheet stamping, including plate weight deflection, plate clamping, edge pressing ring pressing, drawing rib arrangement, hydroforming, bending forming, etc. Stamping simulation can accurately pre


Drop impact analysis

Drop impact analysis is used to simulate the impact and free fall that the product may be subjected to during handling and use, and to study the ability of the product to resist accidental impact, such as the drop of a mobile phone during use and the impa


Optimize your analysis

Simulation-based optimization analysis can be effectively applied under the given constraints and optimization objectives, and the topology, morphology, topological size, free shape and other optimizations can be carried out through a large number of comp



Explosion and blasting, bird strike and engine blade inclusion analysis, high-speed tensile test and data post-processing of metal materials, failure simulation of metal materials based on GISSMO theory, fluid-structure interaction analysis and analysis o



Modal analysis of the whole vehicle and parts, vibration characteristics of the whole vehicle and parts, optimization analysis of the acoustic characteristics of the vehicle, and optimization analysis of various mounts

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