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Sales Manager, CAE Software & Technology

Job Responsibilities:

1. Find potential customers for LS-DYNA and other related software, and develop and consolidate existing customers.

2. Visit customers and maintain a good cooperative relationship with customers.

3. Organize CAE project pre-consultation, program writing, project planning, on-site demonstration, etc


1. Bachelor's degree, mechanical engineering, automotive, mechanics and other related majors.

2. More than 2 years of working experience in sales, experience in software sales in CAD/CAE industry is preferred.

3. Be of good character and be sincere.

4. Have good communication skills, be able to work under pressure, and adapt to business trips.

5. Have a strong sense of customer service and team spirit, and be able to properly handle all aspects of the relationship.

6. Proficient in more than one of the following software: LS-DYNA, ANSA, ADINA, ANSYS, ABAQUS, HYPERMESH is preferred.

Senior Engineer of Collision Safety CAE 

Job Responsibilities:

Provide LS-DYNA technical support, CAE technical consulting, finite element analysis technical support for domestic customers, and propose rationalization

improvement and optimization schemes for customers according to simulation results.


1. Master's degree in mechanical engineering or mechanics.

2. More than two years of experience in finite element analysis in the automotive industry.

3. Proficient in Hypermesh, LS-DYNA analysis tools, familiar with LS-PREPOST ABAQUS, NASTRAN, Ansys and other FEA software.

4. Able to adapt to business trips, work hard and diligently, have team spirit, and have strong coordination, communication and management skills.

5. Familiar with vehicle collision regulations and protection regulations, practical experience in vehicle limited model modeling, analysis and debugging, result evaluation and design 

    improvement is preferred.

CFD (Fluid Simulation) Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1. Participate in the pre-sales technical support of ANSYS fluid software and related products

2. Participate in user training, hotline service and on-site visits to ensure that after-sales and pre-sales technical problems are solved in a timely and effective manner.

3. Participate in the editing of technical and marketing documents for ANSYS products.

4. Responsible for engineering project consulting


1. Major in fluid mechanics, thermal engineering, fluid mechanics and engineering, bachelor or master's degree or above.

2. Familiar with CFD analysis technology, fluid mechanics, solid foundation in thermodynamics, strong expression ability, clear thinking.

3. Strong communication, coordination and interpersonal skills, strong sense of teamwork.

4. Proficient in Fluent or CFX software, and have a good understanding of the software, familiar with and understanding of other CFD 

    software is preferred.

5. More than 2 years of CFD analysis experience, consulting project experience is preferred.

CAE secondary development engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the secondary development of CAE pre- and post-processing software, and the development of independent interface integration of pre- and post-processing 

    and solvers;

2. Docking project development needs to ensure the normal operation of development projects or products

3. Responsible for the technical support of the company's CAE related software


1. Bachelor degree or above in aviation, aerospace, machinery, mechanics, materials and other related majors

2. More than two years of relevant work experience, experience in independent software development is preferred;

3. Experience in at least one CAE software (such as Hyperworks, ANSA, ANSYS Workbench, Abaqus, LsDyna, etc.), and experience in secondary development of the above software

    is preferred;

4. At least familiar with one of TCL/TK, C++ and python languages, and have more than 1 year of relevant development experience;

5. CET-4 or above, good English reading ability.

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