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  Ansys Slwave enables full-page signal integrity, power integrity simulation of printed circuit boards, BGA packages and more. Modern electronic devices are developing in the direction of 

low voltage and low power consumption, and the noise tolerance of printed circuit boards and packages is getting smaller and smaller, for example, in memory circuits, synchronous switching

 noise is often the main cause of system defects, and the power supply system must be optimized to ensure that the system specifications and circuits work properly.

      Ansys Slwave uses the latest optimization algorithms to quickly perform holistic simulation calculations on complex and large circuit boards. These include signal line parameter extraction, 

power/ground plane parameter extraction, DC voltage drop simulation, crosstalk simulation, far-field and near-field radiation simulation, electromagnetic sensitivity simulation, and embedded

 capacitive and inductive device model libraries. Bidirectional coupling and co-simulation with Ansys structure/fluid software and circuit/system software is possible.

Fields of application

Printed circuit boards

· BGA package

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