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  The advanced capabilities provided by the Ansys Zemax optical design software package have become a key workflow for discipline research and optical product development as the

 standard for the design of optics, illumination and laser systems for universities and leaders in the optics industry around the world.

      Ansys Zemax OpticStudio, the world's leading optical, illumination and laser system design software, enables the optical design process in aerospace, astronomy, automotive, biomed

-ical research, consumer electronics and machine vision, with new and performance-enhancing optimization tools to address optical design needs.


      Ansys Zemax OpticsBuilder enables CAD users to convert a complete optical design into a CAD model while analyzing how the mechanical design package affects the optical perfor

-mance, maximizing process time and cost savings for the overall optomechanical design.

      The Ansys Zemax OpticStudio STAR module integrates the STOP and OpticStudio design flow into an optimized workflow by performing STOP analysis of the structural, thermal and 

optical properties of the system based on finite element analysis of the system's structural and thermal loads, reducing human error and time-consuming redesigns.

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